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About Us

Designing and Building

Since I can remember, as a child, I have loved to create, design and build things.  Before large custom doll houses were created, I used to build doll houses under my parents furniture to create large living spaces for my dolls.   

It Time To Expand!

This blog is designed to share all of the great designs, arts and crafts of creators and to help bring out the creativity in you.

Love It or Leave It!

Either we are going to love it or we are going to leave it right where it is.  As we go on this creative advanture together, we are going to declutter, rest and relax in the comfort of beauty. 

Interior Design

Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning is not for everyone, and it is more than just wiping down cabinets and counter tops, sweeping and mopping floors. Check out this great video as I explain construction cleaning. This is a craft that everyone can't perform, and it's not as easy as some would think. It's your responsibility as a contractor to prepare for people to occupy a very clean and sanitized space. Enjoy! Follow Me On My Social Media and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for Interior Design Moments!